Buy Here Pay Here Today. (770) 560-7108
Buy Here Pay Here Today. (770) 560-7108

Buy Here Pay Here Today

I specialize in Helping YOU. If you have been turned down by other dealers, told NO by the banks. Call Me I will Approve you.

I don't need a hundred sheets of information. Nor do I want your life history. But I do know GOOD People fall on hard times. So call me and I WILL APPROVE you for YOUR car today.

I will Approve you if you have Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, Reposession today, Banckruptcy , Any and all conditions are APPROVED WIth me. I do not care how you earn your income. If you are paid in cash, salary, TIPS, Fixed. I will get you approved.


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* All information contained on this site is subject to change without notice. All down payments noted here are ESTIMATES ONLY. Final value is determined at time of purchase. Vehicles shown here may or may not be in stock at time of purchase. 

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Buy Here Pay Here Today
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